Baby items can be super tricky especially if you’re a new mom. Even being a second time momma I forgot what all I would need. Today I’m sharing a few of our favorite baby items! Almost all these items can be found and are linked to Amazon! As a new mom again, Amazon has been my best friend! From toys to diapers to decoration, we love Amazon!

Today our Benton is 6 months old!!! HOW??!! We have had the best 6 months with our baby boy! I never knew boys could be this much fun! Here are a few of his favorite things!

This boy has loved bath time since he was born! I know that’s not how it is with all babies so I’m counting myself lucky. Brookelyn was one who did not like baths and she still doesn’t. This time around I was so excited when I saw Dove came out with Baby Dove products! My mom has bought us Dove since I was little and I am so excited to pass it on to my kids. These products have made his skin so soft! We get so many comments about how soft he feels. My Grandma is 94 years old and she can’t see anymore. When I brought Benton over to her for the first time she wanted to hold him. I was worried that it would be hard for her since she couldn’t see him but the first thing she said was about how soft he was! I know it sounds silly but for her to be able to just feel him and for her to have something to remember him, it was very special!

The Dove products I use on Benton is the sensitive one. I wasn’t sure if he would have any issues with skin irritation like Brookelyn did so better safe than sorry. This stuff doesn’t really have a strong smell which is something I like. I’ve even started using the body wash and lotion on Brookelyn (she’s 6).

Angelcare Baby Bath Support, Grey

Next I’m sharing this bathtub. I needed something that would be easy for me to use. I really needed something that one person could use since Brody would be working late nights. With my first baby, Brody was there to help me bath her in the sink. He didn’t farm like he does now. I think this $20 bathtub is very simple but helpful. I just put it in my bath tub and run water like normal. For me this is very easy and simple. I think some people bath their kids together (I don’t because of the age difference) but this would be a good baby product for that. It doesn’t take up a lot of room and I’ve seen it other colors. I will admit that I was debating on this and that flower that goes in the sink. I did pick this because the price was such a difference and this could be used for a lot longer. Plus if you’re a mom like me, then you might have dishes in the sink. 

As for Jammies, we are loving the Baby Breez jammies. These aren’t found on amazon but are worth every penny! I really like that you can cuff the hands and feet. We don’t cuff Benton’s hands very much anymore but I do cuff his feet so they don’t get cold. This last time I got 6-12 months since he’s already 18lbs and 28inches long. These jammies are a little pricey but they are great quality and Benton seems to love them!! I really want the marble ones next time! Brody said that’s not us but who listens to Brody anyways?

Gray/White Dot Boppy® Luxe Newborn Lounger

I see lots of people daily ask if they should get a DockATot or a Boppy Lounger. We decided to go with the Boppy Lounger! I would of loved a DockATot and have nothing bad to say about it but I already had bought a few other pricey things. I was really glad that I got the lounger because it was so easy to move and lay him down on. I used it in my kitchen, the bathroom and pretty much everywhere else in my house. Honestly I still use it. Note: We did NOT use it for sleeping at night! He did take some naps in it during the day next to me but I never left him alone in it. You can find lots of different designs on Amazon.

HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet - Essentia Series, white , Blue ikat4moms mamaRoo 4 Bluetooth-Enabled high-tech Baby Swing – Classic Nylon Fabric with 5 Unique motions

Ok so now I’m going to combine these two items together because they are both on the $$$ side but I think it was totally worth it. Both of these things my mom got me and I am so happy she did! This time around I really wanted the Halo Bassinet and the 4 Moms Mama Roo. I loved that the Halo Bassinet moves to you while you’re in bed. That was so nice! And one side will move down when you go to put your baby in there or take him out. Now it will take up a lot of room and it isn’t light at all. It’s not something you can move from one place to another. It is pretty heavy and very sturdy which is so nice! Benton doesn’t spend much time in there now since he’s so big but it was definitely nice to have. The MamaRoo is something that we still use sometimes. It stays in our living room and well lay him down in it sometimes if we think he’ll go to sleep soon. Sometimes he just likes to relax and watch TV with his sister in there. I love how it lays down and can sit up. I wasn’t sure about the 3 balls on there. I thought that was pretty boring but Benton loves them!! I would definitely recommend these two items even if they do cost a little more than other similar items.

One last thing that we have used since he was a baby is this diaper backpack! I didn’t use a real “diaper” backpack with b and I honestly didn’t want to use one with Benton but I found this one and fell in love with it! The brand is Ju-Ju-Bee! They have so many different designs! And it doesn’t have to even be a backpack. They have other bags that you can care many other ways! If you are wanting something that is more chic and maybe leather Freshly Picked backpack. It was definitely between these two for me.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano Gym

Ok now on to a few things that Benton LOVES now! First will be this Piano Play Kick and Play! We still have ours from Brookelyn but this is a updated version and looks like they added a few things! Benton has played with this since he was 3 months old. The piano adjust and so does the ring of toys.

While he’s down on the floor playing with the Kick and Play, we also got him this baby water mat that helps with his arm and neck muscles. He loves it! It’s actually pretty cool! You put water inside the mat and the mat has toy fish inside. Benton loves to try and eat them. It’s so funny! This would make for a great Christmas Gift if you are buying for a new baby.

The First Years John Deere Massaging Corn Teether

Now that we are teething all the teething things are needed! John Deere gave us this awesome teether as a baby gift and it’s super cool! We don’t farm corn but this corn is so cute and it vibrates the gums. I found it on Amazon and I’ve linked it for you! Another teether toy we ordered form Amazon is this teether mitten from Munch Mitt. I read some reviews and most said to get the mitt that went all the way down to the thumb. This one does and it has worked great! 

TOMY John Deere My 1st Johnny Tractor Book

When Benton turned 3 months he needed some toys for his car seat. Of course I went shopping and found this cute book from John Deere that hooks on the car seat and also crackles. Benton loves to chew on it, look at it and slobber all over it! I know most of you that look at my blog don’t farm but my husband always wanted a boy to help him on the farm. So we are starting him young!

Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper

This next thing is something we got when we had Brookelyn and I’m so glad we kept it! I really like this Baby Einstein Activity Jumper because it allows him to jump while having toys all around! He loves this thing! He will hangout in the kitchen in it while I’m cooking dinner. He also likes to jump and watch Mickey Mouse at the same time. This kid can multitask!

Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier, Heathered Gray

I almost for got our #1 favorite baby product of all time! This item is something that I am soooooo very thankful for! I always said I would never be that mom that wears the baby. But being a stay at home mom I needed to get stuff done around the house and this baby needed to be with his mom all the time! I caved! This is the wrap I got. Its from Boppy and it feels like a yoga pant material. It is AMAZING! Benton is 18lbs now and he still goes in it! I wear him to walk my 45 mins on the treadmill, do dishes, cook, to the ball park, and all over the farm! It has been great and I would recommend this product 100 times!!!

Well that’s it for his 0-6 month products that we love! It was been a great 6 months and I can’t wait to see what comes next! All these products I’ve linked to Amazon but can be found at other retailers. If you have any questions about anything, please ask!

Have a great week!

Kari and Benton

This is not a paid advertisement it’s just the baby products we love.


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