Good morning y’all! I’m so sorry I’m getting this try on up on the blog a few days late. We had a family situation come up that ended up being ok and then we decided to spend a few days at the lake with Brody’s family. But again, I’m very sorry but I hope y’all had a great Labor Day weekend!

I went by Loft the other day when I was in Lubbock and had to check out their new fall stuff! Loft is so good about having great pieces that can be paired with so many different things. I love how I can find work clothes but also comfy casual clothes. You will be seeing both on this try on!

[[My everyday size is a Medium in the top and a 4/6 in the pants. At loft my normal size is a small in the top and a 2/4 in pants.]]

This outfit was a fun one! I love this skirt because its faux leather on the sides and a suede on the front and back. This top is an online exclusive. It’s a heavier material with the cutest sleeves. I’m wearing a small in the top and a 4 in the skirt.


Same skirt but with a white top (that isn’t online yet) and the most loved poncho from last year! Yes! Thats right, it’s back! It can be worn with so many things! I love that when it starts to get cold all you have to do is add a long sleeve tee under. So perfect! I’m wearing the xs/s in the poncho.


I had to throw in this jacket! I was obsessed with it! They’re so many similar jackets out there but this one is definitely worth every penny! The material is amazing, its a bit heavier than most and it will just go with so many things! I love the light pink! I’m waring a small.


Black jeans are everything in the fall! I love a good pair of black jeans! I know most of you can’t do the holes so I found this great pair! There are no holes anywhere so you wear these to church! I paired them with this cute leopard sweater! And yes, its all sweater! I was sweating in the dressing room. But it is the perfect length! It does great if you want to cover up your bottom or front tuck it to make it shorter. Later, pair it with a cute quilted vest. So many options. I’m wearing a 4 in the jeans and a small in the top. Size up in the top for a longer look.


I’ve always loved skirts. I think that’s why there are a few in this try on. This suede brown skirt was amazing! I definitely fell in love! I love how its flowy but flattering all at the same time! I paired it with this green top but you could easily pair it with a good sweater! This green top was one of my favorites. I love the look and the stretchiness at the wrist. This color green is one of my favorite colors to wear in the fall. I’m wearing a 4 in the skirt and a small in the top.


Same top of course but with those black pants from before. You could do so much with black pants and this top.


WHAT! Another skirt? Yes Girl! This black skirt is just a normal skirt material. I love that is straight until the bottom and then its flowy. I honestly think I had one like it in high school. My mom says she still has it but I’m betting it’s long gone by now. I paired it with this cute floral top! All the colors in it just makes this top so beautiful! You will for sure get all the compliments with this top. I’m wearing a 4 in the skirt and a small in the top.


I grabbed this top for 2 reasons. 1. It was maroon (WT colors) and 2. I have a pink shirt just like this but in a different size. It’s a cute and fun top that would be great with jeans, black skirt, or black pants! I’m wearing a small and it fits way better than my medium I have in the pink. I paired it with these high waist jeans. I personally don’t like high waist jeans because I have the worlds smallest torso. But if you are into high waist jeans, these are definitely for you! They are a great pair!


Same jeans, new sweater! This is beautiful light weight pink sweater! I loved everything about it! It would be so cute with some of their other skirts they have online, jeans, black pants, white jeans… the list could go on. I love the cut out detail by the neck. It’s definitely a pretty sweater (comes in white too) just wear a nude bra under. Wearing a small.


Y’all saw this on my instagram the other day and loved it! This light weight hoodie/sweatshirt/sweater is amazing!!! It’s more like a comfy ribbed tee with a hood and pockets. Perfect for the fall days that will be coming! It also comes in pink. I paired it with these boyfriend jeans and thought it was comfy and cute. I’m wearing a small in the top and a 2 (size down) in the jeans.


Same jeans just paired with one of the softest long sleeves every! (Theres another one coming too so be ready) I love this cow neck because its not chocking me or even touching my neck. This amazing top comes in 3 colors and I would definitely grab one before they are gone!


Same amazing top just paired with their amazing leggings. These don’t feel like leggings. These babies are thick and are definitely appropriate for work (make sure you cover that bottom). I will definitely be getting all the styles in these! Speaking of styles, they come a ton! You will have to check them out! Back to the top, as you can see this top has great length! Wearing a small in the leggings and a small in the top.


This is the other best and softest long sleeve I was talking about! It comes in 4 colors and is just so comfy! I love the twist in the front! Its a simple tee with some great detail. Wearing a small.


I’m not going to lie, I felt like a school teacher back in the 1990’s in this dress. I love the snake skin print for sure but the fit was definitely giving me some hips. I would size up in this dress. I’m wearing a 4 I believe.


This dress will give you so much confidence! It’s so simple but so fun and so cute! I instantly loved it! The color is grey, I know you can’t tell and it has pockets! The belt is just in the front and then it zips up the back. Wear it by itself now and then pair it with a cardigan or denim jacket for the cooler days. I’m wearing a medium petite because that’s all they had but I would definitely of gotten a medium regular if they had it. I’m bigger chested and its a tad tight in the top but still one of my favorites!!


And here’s my momma! She wanted to model for y’all! She picked out the best utility jacket ever and these cute skinny jeans! How cute is she?!


Well that’s all for my Loft try on today! I hope y’all loved it! Please shop my links because it helps support all this hard work that goes into this fun life of blogging!

Have a great week!!



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