Hey Friends! Obviously it hasn’t been Easter yet, so all these pictures are from last year. I just love looking back and seeing my sweet babies a year ago! The little one has changed a lot! 

Easter is coming and with everything going on, I wanted to make sure you’re aware and to buy your basket fillers now! Some things are already selling out! I know you can easily order eggs and candy through the store apps so here’s a few things from Amazon and Etsy! 

[Linking everything under this pictures! Again, thank you so much for shopping my links!!]

Bunny 1 | Bunny 2 | Easter Book | Water Bottle | Soccer Ball | Craft | Girl Rain boots | Boy Rain boots | Chalk | Camera | Bubbles | Bath Bomb | Sand | Crayons 

Here are a few fun things I could see putting in my kids Easter Baskets! Some of this they already have and love so I had to add those in too! 

How cute is he?!! This year he’ll be running all over the place and eating all the candy! I’m linking his Easter Basket because it’s my favorite! B has one too but her is white with a pink liner. These are the best and worth every penny! 

B is still talking about meeting the Easter Bunny! 

She’s so gorgeous! I loved this dress and was so excited to find the gold egg!

I know this year will look so different than last! I’m not sure if we’ll have to do it by ourselves this year or if we’ll get to see our family. I don’t know if we’ll have church online like we are now and then have to FaceTime everyone so they can see the kids hunt eggs. I just don’t know. But what I do know if that God is good all the time! He sent his only Son to die for us! Easter Baskets are fun and egg hunts are fun, but make sure we are all celebrating the real reason for Easter! 

I love you all! I hope this post brings some joy to you as we are all stuck at home having family time! Y’all have a great Easter!



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