Happy Monday!

Good morning y’all! Happy Monday! I can’t believe we are finally at the week where B girl goes back to school! I can’t believe she’ll be in 2nd grade plus she turns 8 on Saturday!! WHAT?!! Brody made a comment yesterday that she’s half way to 16 and we both about lost it right there. So because of this big girl, I have a busy week ahead! But before we get to all that…..

We got a camper!!!

Brody ended up getting this 1998 Terry from one of his friends and we couldn’t be more excited! We have talked about getting one for a few years now because it just seems easier to get away with his random farm schedule. It’s the perfect starter camper he keeps telling me but my mind has already started the remodel on it! For all my inspo click here! 

So before we even brought the camper home, Brody booked a trip to his favorite place on earth. Fun Valley, CO. Did I mention my parents bought a camper too?! Yep. So we loaded up the whole family and headed for a week of camping in our new campers! That was last week! Of course we had the best time! I’ll do a blog post later on our trip and all the fun stuff we did.

Now on to this girl! She’s been home for 6 months and I know she needs to be back at school but I’m going to miss her! She starts back on Wednesday and the whole school is wearing mask. (I know everyone is wondering.) A town of 500 people has to send all the kids to school with mask. Yeah… but we are making it work. I’ll link up a few that I have bought her and they fit her pretty good down at the bottom.

So here’s what’s going on this week!

Today is meet the teacher. I actually worked with her teacher back in my coaching days. I loved her! She was so sweet! I’m pretty excited we get her this year. I reached out to my girl Lauren at Arm Candy by Lauren to make her one of her fun bracelets as our teacher gift this year plus some chocolate.

Tuesday will be our last day before school and I’m thinking about taking her on a fun date! We’ll definitely celebrate with a fun dinner and some ice cream at the house!

Wednesday is SCHOOL! You can find her back to school outfit linked here! Everything is on sale as of today.

Thursday I plan on working on Brookelyn’s room. Thats what she wanted from us as her birthday gift. Plus it’s time for a big girl room. I’ll be sharing more about that this week.

Friday is get all of the birthday party things ready for the family party and finish b’s room.


I did an Old Navy Try On a week ago and shared some workout wear and some work styles! You can find all that under the fashion tab/ shop my instagram or click here! I love this camo top but recommend getting your true size or going up one for a looser fit. This top is a fitted top.

I also took these new pajama pants with me camping and they were the best!! This target pants are like butter! The softest things I’ve had on my body in a long time! I grabbed a medium for my long legs. These would also be the perfect gift for a new mom or for a soon to be new mom! The band is loose, thick and stretchy. I’ll link them here (under $18) and the short set here! ( commission links)

Like I promised, here’s the link to the set of 5 mask I got b. As you can see, they fit pretty well. The fabric doesn’t seem bad and she likes the designs they come in. One friend even told me her 2 year old wears these to daycare. Just tie a knot in the bands. We have this set shipping today! They have tons of styles too! I saw some news ones and might have to order them too! (commission links)


Well that’s the recap of last week and what’s happening this week! Follow me on instagram or facebook to keep up with life here on the farm!


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