Good morning y’all! The most requested topic from last week was all about Barrett’s birth story. I’ve tried to write this in my head all week but I just think it’s going to need come in parts. His birth was 100% a God thing and to explain it all in one blog post would just be hard and long. So today I’m just going to go over what all happened that day. 

So Barrett (Bear) was born last Sunday April 18th at 7:57am. He weighed 8lbs 8oz and 19.5 inches long. He was definitely our biggest baby! 

If you followed me on instagram, then you know I was measuring at least 2 weeks ahead for a while with this boy. Brody and I were so ready for him to come but I was set on not being induced this time. We went in Friday for my 39 week appointment and I asked my nurse practitioner to stretch and do what she could to help contractions come on. She did but I didn’t get the results I was hoping for. I woke up Saturday disappointed but semi hopeful. All day I was having light contractions 10 minutes apart. So nothing serious. I kept standing all day to try and let gravity help but they stayed 10 minutes apart till about 6pm that evening and then they finally got to 5 minutes apart. 

We had been in town all day Saturday and went to go pick up the kids from my parents and the whole time I just kept standing hoping they would stay 5 minutes apart. I kept joking with my mom trying to convince her to keep the kids another night just for fun but she told me only if was going to have a baby that night. When we got home my contractions were still 5 minutes apart. I was getting pretty excited at this point and finally told Brody. At this point it was about 10pm and you would think he would be up and excited with me… nope. He was dead asleep! Normally I would have taken a bath but I didn’t want anything to get in the way of making these contractions stop. I seriously walked around my house timing my contractions for about an hour (11 pm) and then woke Brody up. We both decided to give it till midnight just to see. Well, Bro went back to sleep and I just kept walking around the house with those same 3-5 minutes apart contractions. Why didn’t I go ahead and go in or call the doctor? Well these contractions were the kind that were just tightening around my belly. They never were in my back and they were never painful. It was the type that make you wonder if they are just those crazy Braxton Hicks contractions or if they were the real deal. The only thing that was hurting were my feet from walking in circles around the house for four hours! But for those four hours I was watching a few positive birthing experiences with no epidural and watching a few videos on control breathing just to refresh in case I was going into labor. After that I was just listening to praise and worship music and just praying and talking to God.

I think that alone time with God was everything I needed. For the last month I had been praying and fasting for fear to be gone and there to be no pain. I know what the Bible says but I also know my God is greater and He fights for me. I knew I wanted and needed this birth to be between me and Him. [[This is the part that I have the hardest time describing to y’all. We all have our own relationship with God and to describe mine is hard to put into words. I’ve alway had so much faith and I know He is always for me and He’s always fighting for me so I knew this birth would need to be between me and Him. Of course Brody could be there but it wasn’t his help I needed to get through this. The peace He gave me and just being in His presence that whole time was just perfect. I can’t describe that 4 hours any better.]] Nothing against Brody!! Brody knew my plans on the no epidural but just didn’t know how to be there and comfort me in the way I was going to need him to be to make it through what I thought labor would be like without medication. 

So anyways it was 2am and I finally woke up Brody because I was exhausted. We had a very emotional hard day that day (I won’t get into all that) and I was just ready to get some sleep. I asked Bro if he thought I should call the on call doctor to see what they thought. Of course he said yes. I called up there and sadly my doctor was not on call that weekend. (The one weekend he wasn’t on call!!) I talked to another doctor who acted like my contractions weren’t anything and said since I labor so long with the others I could come up to the hospital but if I wasn’t progressing they would send me home. Well we decided since it didn’t seem like this was a big deal apparently and we didn’t want two hospital bills, we would just stay home and go to bed. It was my plan to do most of my laboring not at the hospital. I didn’t want to be told what I could and couldn’t do and I didn’t want get a nurse who would try and push the epidural on me like the one I had with Benton. I honestly just felt so discouraged after that phone call. I decided to just go bed. I knew by laying down those contractions would stop but it seemed like they weren’t a big deal so what did it hurt? So by 2:30am I was asleep. 

Now all my pregnant people can relate that you end up having to pee at least once or twice during the night. It’s probably one of the most annoying things about being pregnant. (At least for me.) I woke up at 5:50am to pee. I remember having a random sharp pain below my belly button and thought that was super weird. After I got in bed and went back to sleep I had another. Finally at 6:10 I woke Brody up to tell him and asked if he thought that was something. No joke, we both could not wake up to even have a conversation about this. Finally at 6:20am we both woke up and decided it wouldn’t hurt to get ready and see if they continued. I started timing these contractions but again they weren’t painful. Just a few sharp pains that I easily got ready through. By ready I mean out on sweats and threw my makeup in my hospital bag. I even thought about maybe taking a shower but Brody told me he didn’t think that was a good idea. Y’all, I even sat down in the floor and put my shoes on while he got the kids in the car. He was way more serious about it all then I was. I WAS NOT IN PAIN. I do remember feeling like God said “You need to go now”. 

We were in the car with the kids and dogs by 6:50am. We live 30 minutes from my parents and they live probably 15-20 minutes from the hospital. I remember I was still timing my contractions (still sharp but bearable) and they were still 5-7 minutes apart. I just knew the hospital was going to send us home because they weren’t close like 3-5 minutes. Brody tried to turn the hazards on and speed up and I just looked at him and was told him to not be that crazy person. We were on open highway and there was no one in front of us. (He’s still mad because I didn’t let him go crazy and drive faster.) We got to my parents at 7:20 and I got out to open the door for Brookelyn and felt a contractions that was a little more painful but I just focused on my breathing and just breathed through it and was fine. Y’all! We caught ever green light on the way to the hospital. That never happens on this one road in town. I still had a few more contractions, did my breathing and it was all just fine. Still didn’t think I was in actual labor.

We got to the hospital I think at 7:40am. Brody wanted to pull up to the emergency room doors but again, I really thought this wasn’t anything and we would just be sent home so I made him go park in the parking lot. I even made him get all the bags and pillows out because I wanted to make sure I had all my stuff if we were going to end up staying. 

[[This is where I’m pretty sure things got real]] 7:40am. We started walking from the car to the front doors. I thought I saw someone coming out the front doors even though I knew they didn’t open till 8. So we walked to the front doors. They were locked. So of course the emergency room doors aren’t far from the front doors at this hospital so we started to walk over there. Half way there (not a long distance at all) I stopped and just bent over because I thought I was having a contraction. I remember Brody asking me if I wanted a wheel chair and I said “NO! THOSE ARE FOR WHIMPS!) (I laugh every time I remember this because I’m pretty sure I was already in the “transition” stage of labor and had no idea. But I freaking made it to the doors and I walked in! (proud moment!) At that point I told Bro I just needed to sit down (on the floor) for a minute and these 3 young girls at the counter looked at us like what’s wrong with her. One did go and grab a wheel chair but they asked Brody what we were there for. He said “she’s in active labor!” (Y’all, they had no idea….) 

So I’m in this wheel chair in the lobby of the emergency room I just had this feeling like I was about to pee my pants. I just needed to pee and they just wouldn’t let me. They told me I needed to go to the 3rd floor first. I just knew I would pee my pants in the elevator but once getting in the elevator I quickly realized my body was ready to push this baby out. (FREAK OUT MOMENT for everyone in that elevator!) We made it to the 3rd floor, still felt like I was about to pee my pants, luckily a labor nurse got me in a room fast! I got out of the wheel chair and walked into the bathroom to pee and my water broke! I must of made a noise because she flew open the bathroom door and her and Brody rushed in and started carrying me to the bed. She told me she had to check me and see where I was on being dilated. I can still see the look on her face. She quickly got up and called in the delivery team. At this point my body felt pain. I honestly couldn’t move for what seemed like forever but was probably for a minute. While everyone was scrambling around the room my body just started pushing. I have felt this with all my babies and there just wasn’t stopping it. I remember yelling to the nurse that I was pushing and she told me not to and I told her I couldn’t stop. I remember looking at Brody because I knew Barrett was already on his way out and I was the only one there. I put my hand down on his head because I thought I was about to have to Kourtney Kardashian it. (She pretty much delivered her own baby in a show.) Finally the nurse ran back over to help when she saw his head and the on call doctor ran in just in time to catch. I maybe pushed 3 times according to Brody. He came so fast!

Barrett Porter Hollis was born at 7:57am. Brody says we got to the room about 7:50am and I only felt like I was in actual labor with pain for about 7 minutes. And I didn’t tear at all. I just felt so blessed and in shock with what all just happened. When they put that 8lb 8oz baby on me, I just thought He was just perfect! He came out hungry and ready to eat. Such a boy. 

Everything happened so fast that I got my IV and Covid tested after delivering. I remember by 9 I was ready to get up and put my real clothes on. Any pain that I might have had from giving birth was gone and the only pain I had was from the breastfeeding cramps. (This same pain from the cramps was the same pain I had the whole way in the car on the way to the hospital) I would say by 2pm I could have gone home even though I knew I couldn’t, that’s just how great I felt. 

I definitely give all the Glory to God because I know it could have been way different. I’m always amazed at how He provides and knows the desires of our hearts. It was definitely the best experience I’ve had.

So if you are thinking about having an unmedicated birth like I did, I definitely recommend it. I know that my experience is probably super rare and we probably should have left the house sooner, but I fully believe that if you ask God, believe and give Him total control, He will always come through. 

I really hope this birth story was encouraging for someone. I thinking listen/reading positive birth experience helps so much and takes the fear and nerves away. Honestly, this was my third and I was still nervous so I totally understand. I’m going to be writing another blog post this week over why I wanted an unmedicated birth this time and what I did to prepare for it. I highly suggest coming back and reading that one too even if you do plan on having an epidural. I never realized with my other two that there are things you can do to prepare your body for birth and ways to try and block out the pain as much as possible. I’ll also be sharing my go to girl that has shared great information and encouraging words with me throughout the last month. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading our birth story! 



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