First off, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the love on Barrett’s Birth Story! With Bear being my 3rd baby I kind of had a good idea of what to take to the hospital. This is seriously everything I had in my bag except a MAMA tee one of my besties made me.

If you read our birth story then you know that I didn’t have time to use some things since he came in 7 minutes. But if I was to labor at the hospital or have been there a little bit longer then I know I would have used most of these things.

  • WEEKENDER I was gifted this weekender a few years ago and use it all the time. Definitely worth the money and I used it for all of Bear’s things but could have used it for mine.
  • HEADPHONES I wanted to bring headphones to cancel out any noise that could distract me while breathing through contractions.
  • CHAPSTICK! My lips were so dry the whole time I was there! I love this kind and use it every day!
  • JOGGERS Don’t forget your going home outfit! I wore these joggers and they are super comfy and high waisted.
  • BOPPY PILLOW This is the cover we got and I like it way more then my expensive one from another retailer. I used it for breastfeeding while there.
  • TUMBLER I suggest bringing a water bottle or tumbler you like. Heads up, their water taste bad so I added in these TRUE LEMON packets and this LIQUID IV packets to help get me hydrated after labor and delivery.
  • LONG PHONE CHARGER Just get one. The plugs are crazy. Also pack an extra one for your husband.
  • SLIPPERS I didn’t use these but you might want yours. I walked around in socks mostly
  • PANTIES I like having my own. I used those white stretchy ones they give for a few hours but once my pain was gone and things calmed down a bit, I switched to my own. I packed 3 pairs. Also recommend them to be black.
  • SHOWER SHOES You never know and these are a cheap pair you can throw away once you get home.
  • FAN I had several people tell me to bring a fan. I didn’t use mine but everyones hormones are different. This is rechargeable and you can use it for your stroller later.
  • BLANKET I love this one and it was the perfect size later for the full size bed Brody and I shared after. These are also great gift blankets.
  • TRAVEL MIRROR Our room didn’t have a mirror and the light in the bathroom was so weird. I wished I had a mirror to put my makeup on while in the room.
  • HAIR TIES I love these! They don’t leave an indention in your hair so you can labor with your hair up and then later take it down for pictures and you can’t even tell. Highly recommend these.
  • SOCKS I like to have my own socks and they make you wear no slip socks since you are a fall risk. I bought my own but they will give you a pair if you don’t.
  • NURSING BRA I packed this one from Target but I also have a Soma one that I love. These are great because they stretch and you will want that.
  • PAJAMAS I highly suggest black pajamas. Most people like button down ones for nursing. These are super soft and under $25. I’m always hot so I packed 2 pairs with shorts and 2 pairs with pants. I only used the one with shorts but that’s me.

Of course don’t forget your OWN PILLOW and your over night bag! I bought make up remover wipes which is great if you are sore and want to just hang out in bed. I also used my own soap, tooth brush, tooth paste, contact solutions, glasses, brush, straightener, and deodorant. I took my face Tula face primer, BB cream, powder, eye liner, mascara and blush. You can also take a tripod if you can’t have someone come in and take pictures.

I know it seems like a lot but you would rather be prepared than forgetful and regretful. I hope this helped give you an idea of what to bring and use. I did not buy any of the Freda products but I do hear good things. The hospital will provide you with everything and they do send extras home. You can always order those products once you are home too.

For any questions, head over to instagram @itskarinoelle_ and shoot me a message. I’m always here to help. My best advice is to not stress over what to bring.

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