Did I just title this blog post Girl, Have You Showered Lately? Yes I did. I actually thought about this when I was getting in the shower. Let me tell you why! Being a new mom, again, I’m experiencing that part in life when your kids are getting bathed more than you do. As I was getting in the shower the other night, I thought “Wow! I think it’s been three days since I took a shower last. I think BP (my 3 year old) has had about five baths in the last three days.” I know I can’t be the only mom out there… I also was taking my first solo shower for the first time in weeks. I had just put Bear (my 2 month old) down for the night and the other two had already been in bed for a while and I actually got to take a long and nice shower all by myself!

So anyways, here’s your reminder to go take that nice shower! Take a few minutes for you!

Ok. So I haven’t been on here in the last two months because I have been trying to transition into being a mom of 3. It’s been super crazy and way harder than transitioning to 2 kids. I’m definitely not one to admit something like that but it’s real life and that’s why y’all are here.

So a quick update on things going on here at the house besides me taking a shower… here on the farm we had a small wheat harvest this year and we are probably one of the few who did. Definitely praising God for that! Then we got 11 inches of rain in a week!! Thats more than we normally get in a year it seems like! Now let me tell you something about being married to a farmer, when it rains in the summer, you get to vacation most of the time. So we took a quick trip to Ruidoso, NM and stayed at a cute little Airbnb. Of course it rained the whole time we were there too but it was nice to get away. Since Brody had some time off, we have been working on a project together and I really can’t wait to share it with y’all! Hopefully that’s coming in the next month!

Now here’s a blog update for y’all! I think it’s time to admit that my kids are taking over most of my everyday life these days and of course I LOVE IT! But since this is what life looks like now, I’m going to be shifting gears a bit over here on the blog. I’ll still share fashion but I don’t want to be the average blogger for y’all. I’m here to be your best friend. I’m going to be sharing more “mommy” fashion, stupid easy recipes, my workout tips, postpartum tips, easy mom tips and of course my everyday life. If there’s a topic or something that you want me to cover on here, please email me, dm me on instagram (itskarinoelle_) or leave a comment! I’m up for trying things out for y’all or talking about things that no one talks about (to an extent.).


So, make sure you’re getting those showers or baths in and keep following along over here!

Have a great rest of your week!



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